Operation Citadel

Operation Citadel is a WWII, turn based platoon, company level war game on the Eastern Front. The game is somewhere in between CLose Combat® and Steel Panthers®.

The game takes you to the biggest tank battle of the Second World War, to the vicinity of Prohorovka in the Kursk salient as a platoon leader of the 1st Kompanie, 1st Abteilung, Panzer Regiment 1 of the 1st LSAH Panzergrenadier Division.

The game is written in C++, using the Clanlib Game SDK. On the Downloads page you can find the MSVC 6.0 project file with all the necessary source code and resource files.

WARNING: This project is big, about 13Mb compressed!


Scenario Selection Screen
A Weapon's Selection Screen
A PzIVH is targeting a T-34
A lone survivor from a Marder III
As you can see from the screenshots, the game is in an early beta stage and it's playable already. Check out the Downloads page, if you would like to try the game.